Crypto Mission is a new global initiative to educate the public on knowledge, tools and trends in cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and digital wallets

Through on going innovative learning events and platforms, Crypto Mission is designed to give beginners an understanding of the basics of cryptocurrency so that they can begin taking part in this digital currency revolution that is occurring.

In order to spearhead and stimulate mass adoption and the borderless utility of cryptocurrency, a priority of Crypto Mission is to narrow the industry disconnect women and millennials currently face by providing them with readily accessible and available tools to become engaged and proficient in this digital currency revolution.

Crypto Mission is committed to shape and benchmark how education and public awareness of cryptocurrency is delivered in our highly evolving globalized world. Currently in its pilot phase, Crypto Mission will hold its first free Cryptocurrency and Blockchain public seminar on September 30th, 2017 at Tokyo – Japan. The seminar is designed to provide attendees with an overview and insight to the fundaments of cryptocurrency and its core functioning elements.

Attendees can hear from industry experts and enthusiasts on topics covering types of digital wallets, proven ways to profitably trade cryptocurrency, smart contracts, the emerging universe of Blockchain applications, comparing cryptocurrencies as well as an alternative way to acquire cryptocurrency.

This seminar is ideal for beginners, enthusiasts and experts who are keen on keeping up with updates on the cryptocurrency trend.