How Bitcoin Differs from Paypal

Picture this – you figure yourself a digital guru. You pay for food orders online, have clothing delivered to your doorstep and transfer funds between beneficiaries while at work. As far as online payments go, you’ve had some practice. So when a colleague mentions the concept of cryptocurrency, you instantly engage in conversation surrounding blockchains, exchanges and bitcoin mining, all the while wondering: Do I really know the difference between cryptocurrency and my current online payment systems?

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5 Steps to Becoming a Cryptocurrency Owner

As the hype around digital currency and blockchain continues to grow, governments, businesses and individuals from across the globe start to grab hold of their share of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. With its decentralised governance, rising value and ease of use, it causes everyday consumers to ask the question: ‘Should I own cryptocurrency?’

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5 Reasons Why Cryptocurrency is the Future

In the new world, digital payments are part of our everyday lives. We pay with debit cards, place online orders and have tie ups in the form of ‘credit’ with retail stores and other service providers. An interesting addition to our digital ecosystem is the concept of cryptocurrency.

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