To take people on a transformative journey through the extraordinary world of cryptocurrency

We are fascinated by the explosion of digital currencies. We are amazed at  how the world as we know it is transforming in front of our eyes. We are excited at the possibilities that this new world can provide. We are exhilarated by how quickly it’s all happening. We’re inspired by the potential this has, and want to share our journey with anyone who wants to know more.

Jean Y. Foo is an award-winning education influencer and speaker with over fifteen years in the global education and entrepreneurial industries. Jean’s approach as an education thought leader is that our future generation – our children – should be taught skills and knowledge that would be mainstream to them, and not simply that of published scholarship known only to adults and institutions.

Following a progressive career within the private, public and international school systems, Jean was recently appointed as Dean of the American Business Communications Institute in Greater Boston. As a millennial.

Jean is currently the youngest person to assume the Deanship, playing a key role in shaping the institute’s college preparatory, corporate training and workplace development programs for local and international talents.

Jean is also the innovator and CEO

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Jean is also the innovator and CEO of Mastermind Crate, the world’s first monthly business box-subscription that teaches business skills and entrepreneurship to kids, teens and youths. As an education futurist, Jean has made it her mission to educate women and kids on future trends, knowledge and tools that would be mainstream to them, especially in cryptocurrency. Jean is an Amazon-published author who has been featured in Global Woman Magazine and referenced in other notable press. Jean is a graduate of Tufts University in USA.